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    Choose and then Pick

  "Find out where you are and where you should be.  In the relative world there will be always be a distance between where you are and where you should be, as the goals here are an eternally receding line. In the realm of the Absolute, you are always where you should be - - - the Happiness, the Freedom.....                                                                                  

There is no distance between you and yourself.  Since one is not aware of it because of ignorance, one needs the knowledge to remove the ignorance. And in that knowledge there is no pride, no arrogance, no superiority, no inferiority and no exclusiveness excepting the exclusiveness of all-inclusiveness. Here sharing is a joy and demands no obligations, as I 'was' where you are, and will be where I 'am'. The only price demanded for one's own sake, is sincerity, honesty, preparedness and willingness 'to be' what one 'is', and give due place to things or ideas one has or picks up on the travel through life....

 'Be' your true self and the true teaching helps without being a handicap or a notion to depend upon. Freedom shines forever even through apparent bondage!   Knowledge shines forever even through apparent ignorance! You cannot pick and choose. You better choose and then pick."     




  • Swamiji's visit to New Zealand - Sep-Oct 99

There was a  two-day camp on  "Understanding Living, Dying and Beyond" at the serene  Peter Snell Youth Village in a suburb called Whangaparaoa  overlooking the sea. About 40 people attended  the camp, all of whom were enthralled as Swamiji unravelled the mysteries of living and dying.

Swamiji's visit to Palmerston North and Wellington  has aroused much interest in Self-Knowledge and has paved the way for future programmes in these places. On the heels of his visit, a study circle has already been formed in Wellington.  

  • Swamiji's visit to  Mangalore...Nov  2nd wk  

Swamiji was in Anadashram, Kanjangadu, Mangalore to speak to a large gathering on "Bhakthi" on the occasion of the 80th birthday celebration of swami Sachithananda, disciple of Swami Ramdas

  • 4-day Residential Camp at the Tiruvannamalai Center

There was a 4-day residential camp at the Tiruvannamalai Centre between 20th to 24th November during the Karthigai Deepam festival . About 40 persons attended the camp from Chennai. They had a great time!

  • Swamiji's trip to  Orissa.  

Swamiji was in Orissa between 24th and 29th November to join his Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis, who have been doing relief work there since the end of the devastating super-cyclone!

  • Swamiji is now at...

Swamiji is currently at the Chennai(Madras) ashram.


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